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Student Testimonials

Words from our students

Choir has changed my life by allowing me to enjoy the beauty of music, relax during stressful times, and attain valuable confidence to overcome any barriers that confront me.

Pranav Pattathunaduvil, Rice Choir member 2014-2017 Calvin Coolidge full scholarship recipient, 2020

Choir class has improved my courage by helping me when I was scared to talk and sing in public by myself.  Choir class has improved my tenacity by determining me to practice my songs.  Choir class has also improved my teamwork because you have to work as a team to help your team members.  It has improved my happiness by being fun and it makes me laugh and have a good time.

Rohan Bharath, current Rice 8th grade choir student

Choir has helped me grow and learn to see the world in such a better way!! Thank you for teaching me so much more than just singing these few years. I would have never gotten these awards without all the valuable lessons you taught.

Joyce Yu, Rice choir member 2017-2020

Through my experience in choir, I have learned how students from different backgrounds can meet up together and create something beautiful. Music is an international language that everyone knows, and choir helps showcase this in many ways. Choir creates light and joy all around the world.

Mythili Pratap, current Rice 8th grade choir student

Choir is not just a class to me, and it’s not just a place where I sing. That Rice Choir room is a second home where I could cry and scream and shout and laugh and smile and let all of my emotions pour out through song. The people in Rice Choir are not my friends or classmates. They’re my family.

Hermella Belay, Rice choir member 2017-2020

Through choral singing, students develop self-esteem, confidence, and the ability to communicate with each other as well as an audience. There is such an elevated sense of achievement during the rehearsal process when harmonies and the music come together. Singers learn to listen, concentrate, and think creatively.

Annie Zhu, Rice choir member 2017-2020

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